Monday, June 1, 2015

I personally have come to really like using my blog and doing different things to it, as well as posting things on it.  It is yet another fun thing I like to do on the computer now.  I might even start a second one on a different topic.  I actually posted on my blog a lot even when I didn't have to.  I posted you-tube videos that I like and some other pictures and various other things.  I obviously can create a blog of my own and keep it up because I have and will continue to do so.  I think people who blog for money are pretty smart because it is not really hard to blog about a topic if you love it.  I personally don't read many other blogs, but I do read the NASCAR on FOX Shake & Bake Blog sometimes. My picture is of Jimmie Johnson's car because he is my favorite driver.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day

My Memorial Day was pretty good, I didn't have to go to school and I got to stay home and watch my DVR recording of the Indianapolis 500 because I wasn't home to watch it Sunday because I had decided to attend the graduation ceremony at Adrian College's Dawson Auditorium for our school's class of 2015.  Next year it will be us! Anyway, on Monday (Memorial Day) I just stayed home and did stuff on my IPad and computer and some school work. I pretty much just took Monday as a day off. I didn't really do much to celebrate, except watching the Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday. The First Official Memorial Day May 30, 1868. We are actually celebrating our fallen and current military and their sacrifices they have made for our freedom. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

National Month for ???

I think months are set up to celebrate unusual things, just because people like to have fun and celebrate some silly things once in a while.   I'm sure some people celebrate them, but I don't do all of them, I might do one every once in a while though.  Three other things I want to celebrate in May are: The school year is almost done, Two races on Memorial Day weekend, & Summer is almost here.  I would celebrate these because they are all coming up soon and I am looking forward to them all.  You can celebrate these all by relaxing and just doing your work and knowing a good time is coming soon/good weather.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Violence on TV

I think that there is way too much violence on TV these days.  However, unless you have cable, most of the shows offered are not violent (except on FOX, NBC, and ABC).  I think those types of shows should be on late at night, like at 1 in the morning.  I don't watch violent TV shows.  I watch shows like Star Trek, The Brady Bunch, etc.  Where has good TV gone?  I'm lucky to be able to get classic TV stations.  I also watch shows like Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Race, and The Voice which are good. Some TV shows have so much violence, because it creates suspense and excitement/a scare.  The show Grimm is too violent because people turn into monsters and attack other people.  The age I think it would be appropriate for someone to watch this show is when they are at least 18 years old and don't scare easily.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Cinco de Mayo—or the fifth of May—commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867).  This day is celebrated because Mexican people want to remember when they gained their independence.  Mexican people should celebrate this holiday because it is an important holiday for their country that they live in or have come from.  I think Cinco de Mayo maybe should become a national holiday here in the U.S. because there are so many Mexican or Hispanic people who live here.  

Monday, April 27, 2015

I personally think Prom is somewhat overrated. Too much money is spent on an evening that can result in tons of drama.  However, it does sound like fun and they might even play decent songs ( I don't really like some of the ones they play at the homecoming dances) I am personally not going to Prom this year, but I plan on going next year (my senior year).  I haven't gone in the past either, mostly because it is rather expensive or I have something else to do/can't decide who to ask, etc.  I think After-Prom sounds like even more fun, but I haven't gone to that either.  I am also hesitant to go, because I don't have my full driver's license yet, etc.  Someone else would have to drive or ride with me/us. (which is not really a big deal, but to some people think it is) I don't really know what happens at After-Prom, but it sounds like a fun party.  If I went to After-Prom I would be up all night and I don't know if I would/could stay awake the whole time unless it is loud. I think maybe we should have Prom one night and the next night have After - Prom so you could choose which to attend easier if you wanted to instead of having both the same night one right after the other.  But, I don't really have room to say much because I have never gone, so I don't have any clue if I like it or not. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day 2015

Earth Day was this week on Wednesday the 22nd of April.  To me Earth Day is a day to remember to keep our planet clean and nice to live on.  It acts as a reminder to people to recycle and do other "green" habits that protect the Earth from pollution.  I have not really ever participated in any celebration for Earth Day, however I do remember planting trees with the cub scouts when I was in Elementary School down at the Elementary School near the walking path. Here are some interesting facts about Earth Day:
  1. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.
  2. Earth Day originated in the US but became recognized worldwide by 1990.
  3. On Earth Day 2009, Disney released a documentary film called Earth that followed the migration paths of four animal families.
You can celebrate this day by collecting garbage, planting trees, cleaning up coral reefs, showing movies, signing petitions, and planning for a better future for our planet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lets see, over spring break I stayed home and didn't really do a lot besides go to practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Other than that I basically stayed home and played games on my computer or tablet. I also made a new mix CD with two Pitbull songs and various other pop songs and some country.  I also helped my dad put up three walls in our pole-barn for the office room. That took longer than I expected.  I also went on a bike ride one day and it was really nice out.  I also drove at night up to my grandma Beardmore's house in Tecumseh. Finally, we went to Lowe's in Adrian multiple times throughout the week to buy lumber for the office in the barn. My favorite day was probably when we went on the bike ride, because the air was so fresh and warm.  I also ate Papa John's pizza again after not having it for a long time on Sunday. Man did it taste good! I also finally watched Mockingjay: Part 1.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Mockingjay Part 1 

Monday, March 30, 2015

  The European producer Koh-I-Noor was the first to introduce a yellow pencil.  It was first used in the 1890's.  The graphite came from China.  American pencil makers wanted a special way to tell people that their pencils contained Chinese graphite. Yes, I usually do like to use a average yellow pencil just because they are cheap and easy to get a hold of.  I tend to write with both pens and pencils on a daily basis.  I don't really have a favorite.  I think pencils are great for doodling because with them you can erase if you mess up. I guess you can call me a pencil doodler, because I draw maps in my free time at home.  It is a good idea to always use a pencil on math assignments or other school assignments, so you can erase if you need to.  I believe that there will always be a need for pencils, unless someone invents a new electronic pencil that is cheap.,99/doodle-school-book-pencil-paper-apple-learn-vector-1113299.jpg

Monday, March 23, 2015

Well, for this weeks blog I'm going to talk about what I did over the weekend.  Friday night my family and I went to Culver's in Adrian for dinner.  Then, Saturday morning I slept in until about 9 am and didn't get dressed for the day until 11:30 am.  Then, I "worked" on homework for awhile. (even though I kept getting distracted).  Saturday evening I went outside for about 3 hours.  Sunday, we didn't go to church, but in the afternoon my mom and I went to a baby shower in Lyons, Ohio. My Grandpa Mike made some really good chili and the cake was also good!  I also ate some baby food while blindfolded for a game! I also worked on physics Sunday night.

Monday, March 16, 2015

I think what makes a good portrait picture is that it should be clear and show the persons features well.  I think it is sometimes hard to get a good shot, because it depends on where the picture is taken, what amount of light you have, etc.  I think that good lighting and a decent camera are needed for a good picture.  Also, they should be a staged picture not a candid shot.  A portrait should also have a pleasant background.

This picture is great because it has a nice background, good light, and the person is centered.

The baby is centered and there is a nice background/props.

Monday, March 9, 2015

If I saw a friend of mine cheating on something, depending on who it was I would probably tell them not to do it.  However, in some special cases I would probably tell on them.  Also, I may not say anything at all, all depending on the specific situation.  Cheating is not good, but pretty much everyone has done it at least once in their life.  I will admit that the one time I really did it was in second grade on a spelling test, but I haven't really done it since.  I learned my lesson.  Cheating is not ethical or honest either. It can be tempting to do, but I try not to do it when I could if I wanted to.

Monday, March 2, 2015

So, Jimmie Johnson won the race at Atlanta yesterday so therefore i'm happy.  He is now locked into the chase and it is only the second race of the season.  However, Jeff Gordon was involved in a wreck late in the race and wasn't able to finish well. (possibly not at all)  Also, yesterday I watched the season finale of The Great British Baking show and it actually made me quite hungry! Also, this last weekend I attended two basketball games here at school and they were both fun to watch.  I had to work concessions at one though.

Monday, February 23, 2015

How I feel about the first 13 years of your education being heavily tested is pretty bad.  I think that education does rely too heavily on testing and sometimes in the cases of some standardized tests, doesn't actually accurately test what you can do if you're given more time.  I don't think there should not be any tests, I just think some tests (especially the ACT) could be a little longer for some of the parts.  For example, who can REALLY write a good essay in a 30 min time period, I mean come on seriously?  One way that one teacher I have tests us is by giving us minds on physics or MOPS as an assessment, which I like.  (Mr. Lyons) You can do them as many times as you want. States tests are okay though, but I still don't like them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My most important thing in my life, is probably my family.  I have a very nice family which is supportive and encouraging.  My grandparents also take my cousin, sister, and I on a trip every summer.  Last year we went to Chicago and lower Wisconsin.  My second most important thing in life would probably be my Church.  I go to church in a little town in Hillsdale county called Waldron.  It isn't very large but its where my grandma goes, so we go there too.  My third most important thing is probably my school grades.  Sometimes this ends up higher ranked, but I always work hard.  My fourth most important thing is probably watching NASCAR every weekend I can during the season.  These are all things that are important to me or one of my favorite things to do!

Monday, February 9, 2015

I think the best president in history was probably Abraham Lincoln, because he was president during the civil war.  He also helped to end slavery.   He was also a very good man.  I think that the hardest thing about being president would be being in charge of what bills become laws through the veto system.  Another hard part would be dealing with foreign countries and their problems.  I do not think that I would ever want to be president, because it can be a very stressful job.  I'm likely never going to run for president, so I don't have a campaign pitch. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

If I had an extra $100,000 dollars to give to charity,  I would probably give it to Victory Juction Gang Camp, which is a camp for children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses located in Randleman, North Carolina, USA.  It was founded by the Petty family in memory of Adam Petty who was killed in a race-car wreck.  It is a great cause and I have read about it in my NASCAR Magazine.  They give these kids great experiences they will cherish forever.  Many NASCAR drivers also contribute to this cause by building buildings with their name on it.  For example,  Jimmie Johnson donated a whole bowling alley! My money however would go to funding the general operational expenses in order to help to keep it going for kids in the future.

Monday, January 26, 2015

I would prefer to be in Hawaii right now at a resort swimming in the pool and having fun.  I would also like to drink pineapple juice while on a beach chair there.  I would probably go sleep for quite awhile and get some good rest too. I also would watch tv and relax and play games on my Ipad. It is so much warmer there in Hawaii then it is here in Michigan.  If NASCAR was on I would watch that too. I would just be doing things that don't require much work. I would have alot of fun there without work to do all the time.  I would probably wonder the beaches as well as taking pictures for fun.  I would probably want to go to a luau as well.  Being there would definitely beat this freezing Michigan winter weather any day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

If I could be any insect, I would probably want to be a grasshopper because they seem like very simple and mellow insects.  They can also jump really high and aren't really that small.   Another reason why I would be a grasshopper is because most humans leave grasshoppers alone when they see them.  They don't usually step on them like a beetle or spider.  This is mainly because grasshoppers are larger and not so creepy looking.  They generally are given a break when it comes to being stepped on or run over with a bike.  They are also easier to see on concrete, but not neccessarily in the grass.  Since they are green they blend in more with the grass.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Final Exam
The tool that we have used in Exploring Technology that I think I will be able to use after graduating from high school is probably Google Drive most likely because I could use this tool in college to collaborate with other students on a project or to share my paper with my professor.  I could also use it to send documents to some of my relatives who live far away.  I chose this tool because I already use it in school for papers for english class, as well as for any other class I have to create a document for.  Probably the tool I will likely never use again (at least for quite awhile) would be a wiki because I just don't really think that that is the best way to collaborate on something. I kind of like Google Drive better, because it is a lot more easy to use and looks better without all the ads on your page, like a wiki will have most of the time. There are just to many ads on a wiki.

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Vacation
Over break, I went to another Christmas concert at Adrian College in the chapel there with my grandpa, mom, and sister.  We went to Toledo to shop for my mom before Christmas and also after Christmas, for after Christmas deals. Christmas morning, we woke up and opened presents and then later we went to my grandma's to eat lunch and open more gifts.  We also went out to eat at JR's in Tecumseh with my grandpa, uncle, and cousins on the friday after Christmas.  The Saturday after Christmas we went to my grandma Beardmore's house and played at least twelve games of a game my sister got called Telestrations, it is really fun.  Some things I got for christmas were: a bluetooth speaker, lots of dress clothes, Itunes gift cards, a chromecast, a ton of deodorant and body spray, jelly beans, Andes mints, new socks, and some long-sleeve and short-sleeved tee-shirts.  I also got to see lots of family, including my two little cousins. You could definitely say I had a good Christmas!  I didn't really do much for New Year's other than going to my grandma's house to spend the night and help my grandparents watch my little cousins and set up their new printer.  Most of what I did the last few days of break, was catch up on the homework that was given over break because I hadn't done most of it yet. I actually did get slightly ahead, which of course is good! All in all I had a good break and was finally able to sleep in until nine in the morning again!  Part of me is happy to be back to school and part of me isn't, because I like getting a break from work!