Monday, December 15, 2014

So, since this weeks topic is open, I might as well tell you about my weekend. On Friday I went to Angola, Indiana to my church camp for a spectacular Christmas dinner with prime rib and everything.  I also went to another dinner Saturday night at my mom's work.  There we ate some food from the new Chipotle restaurant in town and I got very full yet again!  Sunday, we went to church in Waldron and afterwords we ate a big lunch of left overs from a big dinner they had at the school a couple days before. Then my parents and I went for a short drive out in the countryside.  After that, we drove to Hudson to go to the Christmas Cantata concert at Sacred Heart Church.  I thought it was very good and I am glad I decided I wanted to go, because I really did like it! The inside of that church is very well kept as well!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Two things that many people may not know that I can do are, that I can sing some Elvis Presley songs and actually sound somewhat similar to him.  I can also draw really big detailed maps of completely made up places, with stores, streets, and street names.  I really like to make those maps on days during the summer when it is raining outside or is really hot.  It is actually quite fun, at least to me.  There is really not many steps to doing this, however I usually start one with a random road from one end of the paper and work off from there.  I just make up street names and store names as I go, sometimes I do use real store names, but not always.  You just want to be creative and draw roads like they look in real life.  You can make various sizes of roads, anywhere from one-lane to six-lane highways or freeways/turnpikes.  Honestly, everyone doesn't really need to know how to do this, but it is fun to me and could be fun to you! Try it!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Big Ten Mascot Shake It Off 

My Four Day Weekend

Well, for my four day weekend I went to my Grandma Carol's house on Thursday and ate a huge lunch and watched a football game on TV for awhile afterwords.  Also, that morning before we went  there I got to drive to Morenci and go through my first drive through at the Old National Bank there.  My mom also didn't bring enough dishes for everyone so my dad and I had to go back home and get some more. My sister and I both stayed the night at Grandma's house that night.  On Friday, I went to Meijer, Elder Beerman, Jcpenny, and Wal-Mart with my mom later in the day after lunch when it wasn't so busy.  At Wal-Mart I saw Kari Lawson and Paige Rourke in the electronics area.  On Saturday, we went to my Grandma Carol's house again to have another lunch, this time with my Uncle Mike. Of course I ate a lot of food again and afterwords I drove us from Morenci all the way to Tecumseh through downtown Adrian to go to my other Grandma's house for another meal. I was really really full when I got home Saturday night!  I was also nice to see some of my family that I don't see as often because they live quite a ways away.  Also, on Saturday I watched the Ohio State Michigan game and Ohio State won, which made me happy, because they are my favorite team. On Sunday I went to church in Waldron (which is a town about the size of Jasper over in the South-east corner of Hillsdale County) in the morning and afterwords we went home and I worked on some homework I hadn't finished yet and basically did that all afternoon.  All in all it was a good break, even though it was still very busy and I had a lot of fun things to do and a lot of not so fun things to do at the same time! Can't wait for Christmas break! I hope it will be kind of like last years (being extra long, but not quite as long as before)!