Friday, January 16, 2015

Final Exam
The tool that we have used in Exploring Technology that I think I will be able to use after graduating from high school is probably Google Drive most likely because I could use this tool in college to collaborate with other students on a project or to share my paper with my professor.  I could also use it to send documents to some of my relatives who live far away.  I chose this tool because I already use it in school for papers for english class, as well as for any other class I have to create a document for.  Probably the tool I will likely never use again (at least for quite awhile) would be a wiki because I just don't really think that that is the best way to collaborate on something. I kind of like Google Drive better, because it is a lot more easy to use and looks better without all the ads on your page, like a wiki will have most of the time. There are just to many ads on a wiki.

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