Monday, January 26, 2015

I would prefer to be in Hawaii right now at a resort swimming in the pool and having fun.  I would also like to drink pineapple juice while on a beach chair there.  I would probably go sleep for quite awhile and get some good rest too. I also would watch tv and relax and play games on my Ipad. It is so much warmer there in Hawaii then it is here in Michigan.  If NASCAR was on I would watch that too. I would just be doing things that don't require much work. I would have alot of fun there without work to do all the time.  I would probably wonder the beaches as well as taking pictures for fun.  I would probably want to go to a luau as well.  Being there would definitely beat this freezing Michigan winter weather any day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

If I could be any insect, I would probably want to be a grasshopper because they seem like very simple and mellow insects.  They can also jump really high and aren't really that small.   Another reason why I would be a grasshopper is because most humans leave grasshoppers alone when they see them.  They don't usually step on them like a beetle or spider.  This is mainly because grasshoppers are larger and not so creepy looking.  They generally are given a break when it comes to being stepped on or run over with a bike.  They are also easier to see on concrete, but not neccessarily in the grass.  Since they are green they blend in more with the grass.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Final Exam
The tool that we have used in Exploring Technology that I think I will be able to use after graduating from high school is probably Google Drive most likely because I could use this tool in college to collaborate with other students on a project or to share my paper with my professor.  I could also use it to send documents to some of my relatives who live far away.  I chose this tool because I already use it in school for papers for english class, as well as for any other class I have to create a document for.  Probably the tool I will likely never use again (at least for quite awhile) would be a wiki because I just don't really think that that is the best way to collaborate on something. I kind of like Google Drive better, because it is a lot more easy to use and looks better without all the ads on your page, like a wiki will have most of the time. There are just to many ads on a wiki.

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Vacation
Over break, I went to another Christmas concert at Adrian College in the chapel there with my grandpa, mom, and sister.  We went to Toledo to shop for my mom before Christmas and also after Christmas, for after Christmas deals. Christmas morning, we woke up and opened presents and then later we went to my grandma's to eat lunch and open more gifts.  We also went out to eat at JR's in Tecumseh with my grandpa, uncle, and cousins on the friday after Christmas.  The Saturday after Christmas we went to my grandma Beardmore's house and played at least twelve games of a game my sister got called Telestrations, it is really fun.  Some things I got for christmas were: a bluetooth speaker, lots of dress clothes, Itunes gift cards, a chromecast, a ton of deodorant and body spray, jelly beans, Andes mints, new socks, and some long-sleeve and short-sleeved tee-shirts.  I also got to see lots of family, including my two little cousins. You could definitely say I had a good Christmas!  I didn't really do much for New Year's other than going to my grandma's house to spend the night and help my grandparents watch my little cousins and set up their new printer.  Most of what I did the last few days of break, was catch up on the homework that was given over break because I hadn't done most of it yet. I actually did get slightly ahead, which of course is good! All in all I had a good break and was finally able to sleep in until nine in the morning again!  Part of me is happy to be back to school and part of me isn't, because I like getting a break from work!