Monday, December 15, 2014

So, since this weeks topic is open, I might as well tell you about my weekend. On Friday I went to Angola, Indiana to my church camp for a spectacular Christmas dinner with prime rib and everything.  I also went to another dinner Saturday night at my mom's work.  There we ate some food from the new Chipotle restaurant in town and I got very full yet again!  Sunday, we went to church in Waldron and afterwords we ate a big lunch of left overs from a big dinner they had at the school a couple days before. Then my parents and I went for a short drive out in the countryside.  After that, we drove to Hudson to go to the Christmas Cantata concert at Sacred Heart Church.  I thought it was very good and I am glad I decided I wanted to go, because I really did like it! The inside of that church is very well kept as well!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Two things that many people may not know that I can do are, that I can sing some Elvis Presley songs and actually sound somewhat similar to him.  I can also draw really big detailed maps of completely made up places, with stores, streets, and street names.  I really like to make those maps on days during the summer when it is raining outside or is really hot.  It is actually quite fun, at least to me.  There is really not many steps to doing this, however I usually start one with a random road from one end of the paper and work off from there.  I just make up street names and store names as I go, sometimes I do use real store names, but not always.  You just want to be creative and draw roads like they look in real life.  You can make various sizes of roads, anywhere from one-lane to six-lane highways or freeways/turnpikes.  Honestly, everyone doesn't really need to know how to do this, but it is fun to me and could be fun to you! Try it!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Big Ten Mascot Shake It Off 

My Four Day Weekend

Well, for my four day weekend I went to my Grandma Carol's house on Thursday and ate a huge lunch and watched a football game on TV for awhile afterwords.  Also, that morning before we went  there I got to drive to Morenci and go through my first drive through at the Old National Bank there.  My mom also didn't bring enough dishes for everyone so my dad and I had to go back home and get some more. My sister and I both stayed the night at Grandma's house that night.  On Friday, I went to Meijer, Elder Beerman, Jcpenny, and Wal-Mart with my mom later in the day after lunch when it wasn't so busy.  At Wal-Mart I saw Kari Lawson and Paige Rourke in the electronics area.  On Saturday, we went to my Grandma Carol's house again to have another lunch, this time with my Uncle Mike. Of course I ate a lot of food again and afterwords I drove us from Morenci all the way to Tecumseh through downtown Adrian to go to my other Grandma's house for another meal. I was really really full when I got home Saturday night!  I was also nice to see some of my family that I don't see as often because they live quite a ways away.  Also, on Saturday I watched the Ohio State Michigan game and Ohio State won, which made me happy, because they are my favorite team. On Sunday I went to church in Waldron (which is a town about the size of Jasper over in the South-east corner of Hillsdale County) in the morning and afterwords we went home and I worked on some homework I hadn't finished yet and basically did that all afternoon.  All in all it was a good break, even though it was still very busy and I had a lot of fun things to do and a lot of not so fun things to do at the same time! Can't wait for Christmas break! I hope it will be kind of like last years (being extra long, but not quite as long as before)!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


  Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays, because we always get to eat a lot of food at my grandma's house.  I think that this year my grandma is going to make me a pumpkin roll for Thanksgiving, and we will probably have pumpkin pie as well. We usually have stuffing, turkey, and sometimes ham.  We usually go to my Grandma Carol's house on Thanksgiving and my Grandma Beardmore's on the Saturday after.  To me, Thanksgiving is a time to remember how you have been blessed in your life and be thankful for what you have been blessed with.  It is also a time to thank people who have influenced you in a good way for being that good influence in your life.  Also, on my dad's side of the family our Thanksgiving tradition is to watch the OSU vs. U of M football game, which is kind of crazy because half of his side likes Ohio, while the ones from Ann Arbor area root for Michigan.  At my Grandma Carol's house, we have a more traditional Thanksgiving tradition, which is that we each share something we are thankful for before we eat.  After we eat at either place, I am always full and just want to take a nap, because of the turkey (and everything else too).  Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 17, 2014

   The piece of new technology I would love to have would probably be either the Iphone 6 or a new chevy car with built in 4G LTE WiFi so I could have WiFi anywhere even in the car.  (I would not use it while driving, but probably if one of my parents was) I would like to have these things so that I could look up anything anywhere I want to and play games anywhere I want to.  However, I do already have an Ipad Mini which is nice, but if I had an Iphone 6 I could take it everywhere with me and use it whenever.  The Iphone 6 would make my life better because I would always have the ability to look up something where ever I may be.  I could also be able to start to use the app Snapchat more often as well as take more pictures and text people.  I would probably use the Iphone 6 for both fun and educational purposes, it seems like a great piece of new technology and a very useful one at that. I could even watch NASCAR right in the palm of my hand!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

    Let's see now, I would say a dull evening in my opinion would be when I have nothing I want or need to do and there is nothing good to watch on TV.  I don't usually have many "dull" evenings, even though I think they are kind of dull, because I usually have a decent amount of school work or studying I could be doing. This is mostly during the school year during the week, not so much on the weekend. Also, in certain circumstances this can get in the way of me doing anything fun, because I care so much about school. Which is sometimes rather sad, however I do do some things that are fun once in awhile when I don't have lots of work to do.  I mostly do that sort of thing in the summer.  I have a lot less "dull" evenings during the summer that's for sure!  Especially on vacation!

Monday, November 3, 2014

 I think that honesty is a very important thing to have in your life.  It helps people to feel that you are trustworthy and reliable.   Isn't that something you would always want?  I try to be honest most of the time except when I think I did something really bad that I may get in trouble for.   However, that sometimes results in me being in more trouble.  All in all I am a very honest person, but sometimes I just don't say anything.  Sometimes you can lie a little if  it doesn't hurt anyone with your lie.  For example, if you are being hurt by someone you could tell a lie to get yourself out of the situation/harm.  I really try not to lie to anyone though unless the previous situation occurs.  Honesty is very important!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

   I am not going trick or treating this year and probably not again until I am married and have kids. I have never really been a fan of Halloween, especially since I only went trick or treating once as a little kid.  I think that a person is to old for trick or treating when they can barely find a costume their size at the costume store.   I also think people who go trick or treating as adults by themselves are crazy and should save the candy for the kids.  So, therefore what i'm trying to say is that if you are not a little kid don't go trick or treating.  I do kind of like certain Halloween parties like the one The Centre holds every year, because they always show a movie at it.  I don't really participate in Halloween much anymore, because honestly I think it is kind of pointless in some aspects and it is just not my thing.  However, my favorite costume I wore in elementary school was likely when I dressed up as Clifford The Big Red Dog.  My favorite kinds of candy are Kit-Kats and Hershey's chocolate bars.  I personally don't really like to carve pumpkins, but my little sister does. Actually, my dad and sister carved one this last Sunday.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Blog # 8
(Open Topic)

 I am actually going to write about a couple things that I have done over the last few days.  Last Thursday, I got to go to the high school gym for Legacy day, which was really fun for the most part.  However a period of it just before lunch was really sad and emotional.  This was the line crossing exercise.  Also, at the very end we had to write down what we wanted our legacies to be in our school and compiled them all into a book. It was a great day and I had a great time all in all.  Great job to all peer mentors!  Also, on Sunday after church I went to my grandpa's apartment in Adrian to visit him and help him sort through his huge colection of CD's. He let me pick out a shoe box full of CD's I would listen to.  I chose some Michael Bubl'e, Darius Rucker, and various other artists and kinds of music.  I drove to church with my family and drove home and even to my grandpa's apartment.  On Saturday I also rearranged my bedroom a little, just because I wanted a change.  Finally, even though I did not watch the NASCAR race on Sunday (@Talledega), I will report to you that Brad Keselowski won the race yet again.  What is this like his 6th win this season?   Now that is alot!
Good job!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello Blog Readers,

 I actually had a pretty good time at the pep assembly on friday. I really liked playing the mini game called Ships and Sailors it was really fun and I liked it more than the game we played last year as sophomores.  I also liked watching the tug-of-war and thought the cheerleaders did a good job with their dance routines.  Later, on friday night my mom, sister, dad, and I went to the school for the taco dinner and then we went to the football game.  I thought I might have to work the concession stand for golf, but then I decided not to and just went to watch the game.  I also went over to the student section for the first time at half-time to stand, and I found out just how loud we are!  I also stayed for the dance.  The dance was fun, however I wish they would play a little more variety of music. Also, we always have the same dj for the homecoming dances.  I think we should try someone else for a change. In my opinion the best part was the game, because we are finally a winning football team again.  I would probably say the worst part was the fact that they played only 3 or so songs at the dance that I have heard before.  I was a little disappointed.  At the pep assembly I definitely participated. I loved the ships and sailors game it is my favorite one thus far.  If I could add anything to the pep assembly, I would like to see more of the women teachers sing like Mr. Hewitt and Mr. Disbrow did a couple years ago.  That would be fun!  I thought the shirtless dudes were funny and entertaining as well as the dancing teachers. All in all I had a pretty great homecoming friday.

Sincerely, Jacob Beardmore, Creator of The NASCAR and More Blog

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Monday, October 6, 2014

 Blog # 6 

    Fall is actually one of my favorite seasons of weather, because it is cool but not always freezing like in winter.  I also do like seeing the trees change color.  It think they look beautiful and would like to take pictures of some of them if I had time.  Usually in the fall my family and I go to the Clinton Fall Festival as well as the Apple-umpkin Festival in Tecumseh. The Apple-umpkin Festival is actually this weekend.  My favorite fall foods are caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and apple cider.  I didn't purposely go out to look at the trees and their changing color, but I did see plenty while I was driving with my family to church on sunday.  I might have taken pictures if I had had a camera and wasn't driving.  I like to mess around in leaves at either of my grandma's houses with my little sister, which I can't do in any other season.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Blog #5

     One thing I would really change about myself, would be my shyness, especially when I have to speak in front of more than a few people.  I am not a great public speaker.  I also tend to mumble sometimes when I think I have something to say, but then second guess whether or not I should say it.  At times I can get a little bit nervous, depending on the situation.  I also sometimes can't get my self to say something nice, even though I may be thinking it in my head. Sometimes I am just a little too introverted, especially around people I don't know or talk to much. I'm not always good at "breaking the ice" so to speak. I would change this because I want to not be so hesitant, but it is also kind of just the way I am.  If I ever do get over this I would likely be a little more "popular" or something similar.  I do talk to people, but they are only a certain few that I have made friends with in the past or have to converse with (for a project, etc.). Overall I get along with almost everyone though! I just don't like talking in front of alot of people. Most people I know probably know this about me I would think. No one is perfect and I am definitely not ( no one is ).

Monday, September 29, 2014

My Exploring Tech Video 

      I like to read books, especially mysteries and adventures. So, that is the reason I stopped into the library in my video.  I also showed you where each of my classes are. Usually, social studies and english are my favorite subjects in school. As you can see from my locker I am a nascar fan, with my favorite driver being Jimmie Johnson. I also have some hershey's bars in my locker, which is my favorite kind of candy.  This is me so I hope you like it!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just a Random Video

Happy Days Theme Song

Monk Theme Song 

Monk: My Favorite Detective Show

Maroon 5 Maps 

Love Runs Out by OneRepublic

Counting Stars by OneRepublic

This weeks race is at Dover on Sunday

( AKA Best Tablet)
 I own a IPad Mini myself and have been very happy with it. It does just about anything I want it to do.  My favorite game to play on my IPad Mini is Asphalt 8 Airborne, which is a racing game with awesome realistic graphics.  IPads and IPad Minis are just plain awesome!!  Great device!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This is a picture of me, I like to watch NASCAR, as you can see on my shirt. I am a good student as well, I try to work hard at just about anything, and try to have fun while doing it.  I also like to read. I especially like to read mysteries or adventures.  My favorite NASCAR driver is Jimmie Johnson.  I also like to listen to various Soft Rock, Pop, and Country artists. My Favorite restuarant is Ruby Tuesday and I like the color blue.  Also, my favorite subject in school is history. There, now you have met me, Jacob Beardmore!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello and welcome to my blog!! I think that blogging sounds like something I might like to do, it sounds fun to do and very creative. It seems to be a great way to communicate with the rest of the world over the internet. You can even find bloggs about just about anything you want to learn about or care about, even tutorials. #Blogging