Monday, April 27, 2015

I personally think Prom is somewhat overrated. Too much money is spent on an evening that can result in tons of drama.  However, it does sound like fun and they might even play decent songs ( I don't really like some of the ones they play at the homecoming dances) I am personally not going to Prom this year, but I plan on going next year (my senior year).  I haven't gone in the past either, mostly because it is rather expensive or I have something else to do/can't decide who to ask, etc.  I think After-Prom sounds like even more fun, but I haven't gone to that either.  I am also hesitant to go, because I don't have my full driver's license yet, etc.  Someone else would have to drive or ride with me/us. (which is not really a big deal, but to some people think it is) I don't really know what happens at After-Prom, but it sounds like a fun party.  If I went to After-Prom I would be up all night and I don't know if I would/could stay awake the whole time unless it is loud. I think maybe we should have Prom one night and the next night have After - Prom so you could choose which to attend easier if you wanted to instead of having both the same night one right after the other.  But, I don't really have room to say much because I have never gone, so I don't have any clue if I like it or not. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day 2015

Earth Day was this week on Wednesday the 22nd of April.  To me Earth Day is a day to remember to keep our planet clean and nice to live on.  It acts as a reminder to people to recycle and do other "green" habits that protect the Earth from pollution.  I have not really ever participated in any celebration for Earth Day, however I do remember planting trees with the cub scouts when I was in Elementary School down at the Elementary School near the walking path. Here are some interesting facts about Earth Day:
  1. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.
  2. Earth Day originated in the US but became recognized worldwide by 1990.
  3. On Earth Day 2009, Disney released a documentary film called Earth that followed the migration paths of four animal families.
You can celebrate this day by collecting garbage, planting trees, cleaning up coral reefs, showing movies, signing petitions, and planning for a better future for our planet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lets see, over spring break I stayed home and didn't really do a lot besides go to practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Other than that I basically stayed home and played games on my computer or tablet. I also made a new mix CD with two Pitbull songs and various other pop songs and some country.  I also helped my dad put up three walls in our pole-barn for the office room. That took longer than I expected.  I also went on a bike ride one day and it was really nice out.  I also drove at night up to my grandma Beardmore's house in Tecumseh. Finally, we went to Lowe's in Adrian multiple times throughout the week to buy lumber for the office in the barn. My favorite day was probably when we went on the bike ride, because the air was so fresh and warm.  I also ate Papa John's pizza again after not having it for a long time on Sunday. Man did it taste good! I also finally watched Mockingjay: Part 1.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Mockingjay Part 1