Monday, December 8, 2014

Two things that many people may not know that I can do are, that I can sing some Elvis Presley songs and actually sound somewhat similar to him.  I can also draw really big detailed maps of completely made up places, with stores, streets, and street names.  I really like to make those maps on days during the summer when it is raining outside or is really hot.  It is actually quite fun, at least to me.  There is really not many steps to doing this, however I usually start one with a random road from one end of the paper and work off from there.  I just make up street names and store names as I go, sometimes I do use real store names, but not always.  You just want to be creative and draw roads like they look in real life.  You can make various sizes of roads, anywhere from one-lane to six-lane highways or freeways/turnpikes.  Honestly, everyone doesn't really need to know how to do this, but it is fun to me and could be fun to you! Try it!

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