Wednesday, November 12, 2014

    Let's see now, I would say a dull evening in my opinion would be when I have nothing I want or need to do and there is nothing good to watch on TV.  I don't usually have many "dull" evenings, even though I think they are kind of dull, because I usually have a decent amount of school work or studying I could be doing. This is mostly during the school year during the week, not so much on the weekend. Also, in certain circumstances this can get in the way of me doing anything fun, because I care so much about school. Which is sometimes rather sad, however I do do some things that are fun once in awhile when I don't have lots of work to do.  I mostly do that sort of thing in the summer.  I have a lot less "dull" evenings during the summer that's for sure!  Especially on vacation!

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