Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello Blog Readers,

 I actually had a pretty good time at the pep assembly on friday. I really liked playing the mini game called Ships and Sailors it was really fun and I liked it more than the game we played last year as sophomores.  I also liked watching the tug-of-war and thought the cheerleaders did a good job with their dance routines.  Later, on friday night my mom, sister, dad, and I went to the school for the taco dinner and then we went to the football game.  I thought I might have to work the concession stand for golf, but then I decided not to and just went to watch the game.  I also went over to the student section for the first time at half-time to stand, and I found out just how loud we are!  I also stayed for the dance.  The dance was fun, however I wish they would play a little more variety of music. Also, we always have the same dj for the homecoming dances.  I think we should try someone else for a change. In my opinion the best part was the game, because we are finally a winning football team again.  I would probably say the worst part was the fact that they played only 3 or so songs at the dance that I have heard before.  I was a little disappointed.  At the pep assembly I definitely participated. I loved the ships and sailors game it is my favorite one thus far.  If I could add anything to the pep assembly, I would like to see more of the women teachers sing like Mr. Hewitt and Mr. Disbrow did a couple years ago.  That would be fun!  I thought the shirtless dudes were funny and entertaining as well as the dancing teachers. All in all I had a pretty great homecoming friday.

Sincerely, Jacob Beardmore, Creator of The NASCAR and More Blog


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