Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Blog #5

     One thing I would really change about myself, would be my shyness, especially when I have to speak in front of more than a few people.  I am not a great public speaker.  I also tend to mumble sometimes when I think I have something to say, but then second guess whether or not I should say it.  At times I can get a little bit nervous, depending on the situation.  I also sometimes can't get my self to say something nice, even though I may be thinking it in my head. Sometimes I am just a little too introverted, especially around people I don't know or talk to much. I'm not always good at "breaking the ice" so to speak. I would change this because I want to not be so hesitant, but it is also kind of just the way I am.  If I ever do get over this I would likely be a little more "popular" or something similar.  I do talk to people, but they are only a certain few that I have made friends with in the past or have to converse with (for a project, etc.). Overall I get along with almost everyone though! I just don't like talking in front of alot of people. Most people I know probably know this about me I would think. No one is perfect and I am definitely not ( no one is ).

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