Monday, November 17, 2014

   The piece of new technology I would love to have would probably be either the Iphone 6 or a new chevy car with built in 4G LTE WiFi so I could have WiFi anywhere even in the car.  (I would not use it while driving, but probably if one of my parents was) I would like to have these things so that I could look up anything anywhere I want to and play games anywhere I want to.  However, I do already have an Ipad Mini which is nice, but if I had an Iphone 6 I could take it everywhere with me and use it whenever.  The Iphone 6 would make my life better because I would always have the ability to look up something where ever I may be.  I could also be able to start to use the app Snapchat more often as well as take more pictures and text people.  I would probably use the Iphone 6 for both fun and educational purposes, it seems like a great piece of new technology and a very useful one at that. I could even watch NASCAR right in the palm of my hand!

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